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The Best Price/Performance 4k Drone? Autel X-Star Premium Drone Review


Originally published at: https://crit.tv/the-best-priceperformance-4k-drone-autel-x-star-premium-drone-review/

Logan reviewed the Autel X-Star Premium - an affordable drone that packs a punch. 4K video, a carrying case, and some more features that don’t mess around.

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Awesome review. Some of the shots you got in that video were stunning.

I hadn’t asked myself if I was in the market for one of these until I saw this video. Checked the link, saw $700 and thought “hmm, maybe”, then I checked it on Amazon Canada… almost $1300, nope never mind…


Got to love our Canada.


The shots, from the drone, were fantastic! I appreciated the colors! I would almost give a kidney for the next Zweihander album to come sooner! The intro music was awesome!


Some splendiferous drone video Logan, and Hutch (especially the scenes over the pine forest); it makes a lot of sense to have a drone painted orange (I know many people will disagree)


Is the giveaway international?
I enjoyed the video, and indeed, all your videos lately, it’s fun, entertaining stuff!