The Best Android Music Player | Blackplayer Tutorial

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All you need is a solid desktop media player with easy synchronization. I used to use one called Song Bird years ago (iPhone synch across multiple platforms) but like every good 3rd party thing for Apple, it died.

Microsoft said they’re going to be putting some money into an easier synchronization process with Android phones on Windows – imagine that, after only 10 years! I would suspect a lot of media players to start popping up in the Window Store once the standard for synchronization is set.

That was the only reason (for me at least) to buy Power Amp years ago. I used it to synchronize my playlists to my rooted HTC phone when I was still an Apple user. This is also the only reason I use an iPhone now even though I no longer use Apple computers personally. I can plug in the data cable and it synchronizes effortlessly through iTunes. Why is this exclusive to Apple?

Personally, I think a lot of these startups are wasting money developing extravagant variations of Android and overlaid UIs that slow it down. I would target the lowest market if I had the money for a company, and I would sell the other apps separately.

Google, please stop overlooking this on the lower end target market.

  • Fastest and Most Efficient Basic UI
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Send Text Messages
  • Take Pictures/Record Video
  • Desktop Media Player with Easy Synchronization of Playlists (like iTunes)

That’s it. That’s all the damn phone needs to do for me. I buy music. I buy movies. Why on Earth would a company like Google, who sells media, not do this themselves? I don’t personally care why they justify being a pain in the ass or see why Apple should be the only company who can do this. All 3 variations of computer user OS are capable of playing media easily.

I’m ok with a $100 phone. I don’t need to calculate the curvature of the Earth at my exact GPS location every 100ms. I just want a phone that plays music easily.

Again, performance and functionality should be the highest priority all the way down to the cheaper devices. Our internet service providers are not offering 1000 mbit up and down for $60 per month like Japan does. We can’t stream everything.

Nice to see Vinyl Music Player mentioned. It’s on F-Droid too, unlike Blackplayer (to anyone like me not using Google Play or non-FOSS stores…)

Blackplayer seems nice though. The functionality reminds me of Cantata, which I have on my Desktop. That does Artist covers, Lyrics a similar way. Works with MPD, too.