T-Shirt Designs - Submit & Get Paid

I have had this idea for a few months, and I am only now getting around to submitting it due to other problems. That doesn’t matter though, and here is my idea!

lp0 on fire

do it

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Mug or T-shirt design. Always loved the gpu coaster.


I really like that design!

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If that ends up in the shop I’ll buy it for sure!

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One more thing.

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Wait a second, is that he PCIe slot coming out of the top of the card?

Other than that, looks nice.

Yeah it’s an instant buy


The pci slot is exactly where it should be. I didn’t draw this design. I modeled it based on reference pictures. The gpu is face down so the back plate is facing up.

Roger wilco.

I probably should have used a better term than “PCIe slot”, but to me, and I’ve been known to make mistakes visually, it looks like the part of the PCB that goes into the PCIe slot on the motherboard is on the same side of the card as the 8-pin power and top of the PCI bracket when it should be opposite. If that makes sense?

Doh facepalm you are correct on that. Guess I’ll have to do a quick edit later.

kind of simple but I like it, might make more designs, maybe some parading other companies or poking fun

edited the gpu mug post. PCI connector is now the correct way, and the 8pin and world logo are a bit cleaned up.

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It looks clean, but I’m weird about putting myself out there as an icon and such.

ok, I’ll try to make something else later

Something like this would be neat on a shirt.


Cheese pizza is a demon from the depths.

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I have no rights on this pictures, it’s taken from google but I still use it on my channel though

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