T-Shirt Designs - Submit & Get Paid

We need some new t-shirts. Submit some ideas for us. If we use your idea we will give you $50. If we use your completed design as-is, we will give you $100.

Here are some topics that we want to focus on:

  • PC Gaming
  • Absurd Stuff
  • Culture
  • Tech/Gadgets
  • IT
  • Anything that is good

I’d like for the store to have legs of it’s own. So, if you are an artist with multiple designs feel free to contact me. We may be able to feature some of your work.

Submit away!


dont do dougs (a kind of do do drugs thing but doug the people love doug man)

maybe even like those weed shirts/hats you always see but doug. cause doug is dank…

Don’t bother trying to figure out semblance bc the renders aren’t mine ~ https://s.put.re/p5GiE2X.png https://s.put.re/bDMNdnD.png https://s.put.re/kguqMom.png https://s.put.re/GTYMVFo.png https://s.put.re/gcqcgrn.png

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i think there are some legal issues with things that arnt yours and wanting to sell them

Low-poly Doug though.


this guy gets it.

the designs are mine, renders aren’t

im not really art literate i kind of thought renders and arty creations were the same thing

Do we submit designs in this thread or something else? Thanks

Throw them right here.

Lowpoly Doug backgrounds… (not even relevant to t-shirt design but still something to play around with later.)

Its like 4:30 AM here, but I think i have a few ideas, probably involving doug, maybe furries /shrug

Sitting on cacti anyone?

We could have low poly Doug and his low poly Friends!

A whole character set with Doug, a cactus, and others!

i may redo this edit i made with you @Logan and the other Crit crew as when i made it a while back i did it with qain and
well yeahhhh no. That obviously won’t be happening with the new one :stuck_out_tongue:

But the OG version i made quite a while back:

I’ll be making one with you in it and probably Justin and maybe also @hutchison15 as the people in- will update you when i do that, will take a lot of combing through videos to find a good screencap of your face as well as justin/hutch’s to edit in. But will be cool :slight_smile:

I may also make some other ones, will have to see.

That one looks too good with Qain… I don’t think it should be redone, lol… Plus, I hate being on merch. But it is an awesome piece of art.


I’d be okay with a Viking picture with my face on it…

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first attempt

will probably do more edits too :smiley:


added Doug :smiley:

Hmmm… who originally submitted the design for polo shirts with the burning earth logo on the front?

They were requested by many.

Maybe some text under