SysWOW64? What is this?

So I noticed about half the time I boot windows I get this thing that pops up that looks like a windows page telling me I need to do this mandatory update to change all my browsers to yahoo. Sounds fishy eh?

Anyways found out where the file came from and it’s from a folder in windows called SysWOW64. Its filled with like 4gb of random files. I scanned it with windows defender and it says it’s all good. Obviously it’s not. Anyways, is this whole folder a virus or just the file in the folder? Also when I try to delete to folder it says I need permission from “trustedinstaller” to delete.

Anyone help out?

FORMAT! QUICK! It’s a scam

The entire folder?

I have the same ‘syswow64’ folder on my laptop, but I never have the ‘mandatory update’ flash-up.

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Interesting. Makes me wonder if it’s just the one file in there that’s the issue then. Could very well be from some program I downloaded I didn’t read the fine print. Probably agreed to it.

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Just as an update I did a bit of quick reading and somewhere I found that this and another folder is where windows sorts stuff you agreed to. So like if you agree to a third party program on your computer some of the files go in there. Hence why is says I can’t alter it cause it’s not mine. If that makes sense? So it’s not a virus it’s just some bullshit third party crap that gets into your pc and you can’t get it off without some work arounds.

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Sounds a bit like that ‘STI Trace’ that Microsoft adds without the user realising it is in place.

Thats the folder you installed world of warcraft in ;3

? Really?

Its been with windows since the XP era. It’s OK. Its nothing to worry about. :slight_smile: