Switch to 1080p 144Hz from 1440p 60Hz for gaming, [resolved]

Right, I’ve currently got a 27" 1440P Monitor, Acer G277HU to be percise, but im not a huge fan of it.

Since I’ve had it im finding text on some sites a little awkward to read due to it being small, have tried Windows Scalling and it looks horrible and zooming in on some sites also looks bad, along with this i majorly play shooters, i feel like i’ll benefit from 144Hz seeing as i mainly game.

I’m unable to get a 1440 144 panel, too much money and would require more GPU horsepower. However, I’ve found someone willing to buy my 1440p panel and can get a Acer 24" 144Hz panel from where i work, with my colleague discount ill end up spending near nothing, as ill make what I spend back from selling the 1440 panel.

I also prefer the smaller size of the 24, the 27 sits too close to me imo.

Taking all those into account, am I going to be making a mistake switching down in res but up in refresh rate?
People either seem to swear by either option regardless or just suggest 1440 144, which doesn’t help all too much as I haven’t got the availability to borrow/test a 144HZ panel before hand.

Many thanks guys!

It really boils down to personal preference. For me, I value good color more than speed so I use a 60 Hz IPS monitor. I’m also into RPGs more than fast shooters, so the 144 Hz would be lost on me anyways. If you think you could use those extra frames (assuming your GPU can push them), go for it.

As for resolution, meh. I use a 24" 1080p and a 12.5" 1080p screen daily. The 12.5" screen has way too high of a pixel density to be comfortable for long use, but the 24" is plenty fine. At a size this small I don’t see how a resolution much higher would actually be beneficial for the money it involves.

Yeah, it’s really down to personal preference, however I actually can’t play most games anymore on my desktop’s 60hz panel ( or 75hz if overclocking the refreshrate) Most of the time I end up using GS73VR for it’s 120hz 1080p panel instead.

Not only because of the faster refresh rate and smoother visuals, but also for better color accuracy compared to the one i use on my desktop.

Personally I find high res 60hz much more enjoyable then low res 144hz. 144hz is nice but I don’t find it gives me the edge that most gamers like to spoon feed everything.

I mean when I play battlefield 1 I’m playing 60hz 3440x1440 with about 100ping and I’m pretty much always in the top 5 players.

I like pretty colours and textures over super smooth motion.