Superposition benchmarking, 5850, 6850, 7950, 270x , 280x, 380

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I have far to Meany AMD GPU’s so i thought i would go though and see what they are capable.
so i have 5850, 6850, 7950, 270x , 280x, 380 - 390x results to come (need to pull them out of my PC to make the results consistent)
This probably wasn’t the best way to do and I might go back though them and do a few more benchmarks. so title may change.

System i used to benchmark.
CPU : X5680 Clocked at 4.6Ghz - 4.7Ghz Cooled with Cooler master Seidon 120
RAM : 24 GB DDR3
Motherboard ASUS P6T
HDD : Kingson 240GB SSD
OS : Windows 10 Pro

The Cards were Tested with 1080p Medium and Due to the 1GB vRAM of the the 5850 and 6850 i created a custom Preset, 1080p and Shaders set to low and Textures st to Low.

Lets get onto the Results

AMD 5850

Custom Preset

1080p Medium

HIS 6850

Custom Preset

1080p Medium

AMD 7950 - this doesn’t have the stock cooler and was cooled with a 200CFM Delta Fan

Custom Preset

1080p Medium

Sapphire Dual X 270X

Custom Preset

1080p Medium

Sapphire 280x Vapor-X (2GB version)

Custom Preset - Stock Speed
Pending - Need to grab it off the machine LOL

1080p Medium - Stock Speed

Custom Preset - Overclocked to 1150Mhz

1080p Medium - Overclocked to 1150Mhz

Gigabyte Gaming-4GD 380

Custom Preset

1080p Medium

Still a Few more testes to do. Unsure about the HIS 6850 Might need a retest

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I don’t have a perfect recreation of your system and I know Unigine is pretty CPU dependent (single-thread) but I’d love to compile our scores into a database since I too have way too many GPUs. I’ll have to screw around with some parts combos to get close and go from there. I’ve got a 5850 and 6850 so I can use those as the level.



Just a copy/paste of the form I made elsewhere.


I would be interesting to see the affect of Memory speed and clock rate.
I might also want to test against my i7 3930K see if architecture has a bearing.

Reviving this thread for visibility. I finally got around to submitting some results.

Edit: It appears multi-GPU support was removed from Unigine 2. SLI GTX 480s didn’t scale at all, and neither did Crossfire HD 6870s. Waste of time trying to test it.

I guess Xfire and SLI are going the way of the dodo.

Added Quadro 4000, GTX 980, and Radeon HD 6990 results. Turns out Crossfire is working, but wouldn’t run for the 2x6870 tests.

I don’t think so just yet. Until people know how to coded for the Directly for the Hardware. sort of liking have Dual/Quad Core CPUs instead of having the Driver Spreading the load across the two ore more cards.