Superlux 668B Ear Pads

Hello, all.

I purchased some 668b’s & they sound great, but my ears start hurting after about 30 minutes. I bought some Cosmos & still the same thing.

Any recommendations?

I liked Brainwavz, used 'em on some ath-m50x’s.

What headphones are you putting the ear pads on?

Thanks for the response.

I’ll be putting them on the Superlux 668B.

…I’m not sure why I missed that, when it was in the title. haha

According to this guy, they use a similar style to AKG K240/241/270/271 headphones (& Samson SR850). Might help with shopping.

@Logan might have some recommendations too, this is right up his alley.

Haha it’s all good.

I appreciate the help!