‘Stylish’ browser extension found stealing users’ internet browsing history -

Anyone still have Stylish installed?

Never used it, but now I know not to. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Was using as well, kinda sad that they had to do that since this was a very useful tool.

I switched to stylus and it’s way better imo.

Switched to it as well when I read the news.

I haven’t used a style manager in a couple of years now, so this isn’t really what I would consider groundbreaking in terms of news. Not that I’m saying it’s not a big deal, this is absolutely terrible.

I think a lot of people need to monitor what’s going on with their extensions and research if they’re properly legit and not trying to pull this crap.

So glad I ditched this one awhile ago. I don’t currently use a style manager but, I’ve had good experiences with Stylus in the past.