Steam Weekend Sale

There’s a steam weekend sale going on this weekend and I don’t think I’ve seen many games that interest me, what game are you guy looking at buying? I think I might get arma cold war asault or saints row 5. but I don’t know.

There’s a steam sale going on every weekend…

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I guess I’ve just caught on to it.

ArmA 3 is my all time favorite shooter, so I can’t recommend not picking it up.

ArmA 1 and 2 are only worth getting if you want to see how the simulator evolved over the years.

I ended up getting postal, I might pick up arma 3 when I get a summer job and several other games that I might get my friend to buy with me sense we’ll be working together, but I also want to get some new hardware, putting some work money and birthday money together for 32gb, a bit over kill for gaming but I do some video editing and I mean come on it’s 32gbs of ram, also a new graphics card and a capture card, maybe a fan controller to put more fans in my system but my dad said I should just get a new motherboard at that point but if I’m getting a new motherboard I might as well upgrade to ryzen but then I’d have to get ddr4 ram and don’t think that would be in my budget with work at a pizza place for 20 hours a week but what ever at least I have the weekend sales to look forward to.