Steam Autumn Sale (23 Nov - 29 Nov)

The Steam Autumn Sale just started! Running through 29 November 1 PM PST.

A couple to start off with:

Because Discourse is being a bitch,

OG Skyrim with DLC - 73% off

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And the Steam servers are starting to slow down.

If people can’t access Steam, check back again later. I don’t believe there are flash sales for this sale, so everything should still be there.

Thats a good price for the witcher! I think I’ll get that for my girlfriend.

Oooooh. Going to have to pick up Doom

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Yeah-- I’m getting Doom now.

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Only thing I’ve grabbed so far is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for $4.20 (blaze it).

Rocket League is tempting, but I might wait until the winter sale to see if it gets any further discounted.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is also $6.59 USD if you want to add that. Really good deal for that game.

One of my all time favs

Well I was able to get my brother one game he wanted and it was very cheap which helps. It is part early Xmas present and more to come when the Steam Winter Sale happens.