Star Wars: The Last Jedi (UPDATE! May 26) New Walkers, Star Destroyer, Photos

Too awesome! It looks very unique! I can’t wait!
I gotta see the Knights of Ren… i hope they call Vader’s castle their home base.

Teaser Poster as well.

I just came.

After seeing many of the new movies other than the last one I could hardly care about Star Wars. I am more interested in seeing the next Warcraft movie.

Clean up on aisle 5…


I love how it FEELS different than TFA, as it should. Empire felt different than ANH, which felt different from RotJ. I think that was one of the great things about the OT, 3 different directors.

I hope the new walkers look cool!

Rumor has it that Kylo Ren’s helmet (and all the Knight’s of Ren helmets) are Sith relics. Wondering how Kylo’s helmet gets like this… i’m betting it’s after a losst in the first half, and he just goes crazy and destroys it.

I don’t know if this is Rey training on Ach-To, or if it is a battle… i hope it’s a fight, because that twilight setting would look BADASS!

Unstable Kyber Crystal is still unstable :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also eager to see more of Rose, who is a resistance maintenance worker.


I wish I could go into coma and wake come December. I bleed Star Wars.

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lol, me too… I am going to try REALLY hard to see it in the Bay Area in a Dolby Cinema. best visuals (dual laser projectors for unparalleled high dynamic range) and best sound (Dolby ATMOS).

Nerdist did a decent breakdown.

Of course, spoiler alert.

Pretty good. Also, they made a 9ft tall snoke puppet, so i bet he is 9ft tall. I mean, the Emperor’s hologram head was huge in Empire, and he wasn’t a giant.

I hope we get to see Luke bust out ol’ greeny!

Looks interesting judging by the trailer.

Man, that music just never gets old.

But I really can’t get over the gigantic fin keels on spaceships at 1:33. The drives seem to be aligned with the top part of the ship, so those keels would put the center of gravity way below the center of thrust. Unless there’s a compensating thruster on that keel, the ship would keep on pitching down when thrusting.

I know it’s meant to be reminiscent of the Nebulon-B, but that thing was ridiculously bad design.

Still, it’s probably not as bad as the republic cruisers from SWtOR (excuse my shitty paint skills) :

Orange arrow = main thrust vector
Yellow circle = center of thrust (rough estimate)
Purple circle = center of mass (rough estimate)
Green arrow = resulting motion (sickness)

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Awwww… No love for the Profundity either? :wink:

I mean… they got anti-grav, i am sure they have some sort of compensation for center of mass. I mean, how are ANY of the ships even turning? lol TIEs have twin ion engines, and nothing else, and how they fly in the atmosphere is beyond me, with no moving parts. Falcon too. chalk it up to star wars tech lol

It should not rely on anti-grav or whatever other handwavium to operate in the first place. Anti-grav is still a machine, which can always break. If it breaks and the ship relies on it, it’s just as bad as if the reactor or life support broke. Your entire ship is crippled or rendered non-functional due to a lawsuit-worthy level of deliberately hazardous engineering.

The number of critical systems should be kept to a minimum, no need to add an additional potential point of failure when the solution to all of the above is as easy as putting the damn thusters in the correct spot.

Nebulon-B, of course. I hate typos… It’s fixed now.

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Im hearing speculation that luke is going to be like a keria like figure in regards to views on the jedi and the sith.

Like a gray jedi that sees both sides as redundant

which if that the case then i am super hyped for this movie

Yeah, that is where it seems to be heading. Especially with how things have gone in Rebels, with Ahsoka being neither Jedi/Sith, and the Bendu, which is a being that is between the light and the dark.

Fun Facts:

  1. Ahsoka’s two lightsabers are white. They were originally red Sith sabers, but she bonded with the crystals, and instead of a Jedi/Sith color, she got white. She answers to neither side. All Kyber crystals are clear, until a force user bonds with them.

  2. Bendu is an interesting character, especially his name, as the original name of the Jedi (in the original treatments) were the ‘Jedi-Bendu’

New Photos!

First up, Laura Dern’s character, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

Benicia Del toro’s character (known on set as DJ)

Tran’s new character, Rose

Bunch of Aliens on the Casino Planet, Canto Bight

Rey, looking awesome!

General Armitage Hux, Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma (with her new staff… taken from the trash compactor? lol)

Kylo freaking Ren


Had to edit the Lego stuff out of your post. Got an angry email from Lego saying we had unauthorized images posted in our forum, and legal stuff would happen if didn’t take em down.

Damn, Lego sent a cease and desist?

those dumb cunts at LegoTMTMTMTMTMTM.

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Are you cereal? That’s way too funny.