Star Wars The Last Jedi (Oct-12 UPDATE!) New Poster, New Trailer!

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I REALLY love this trailer. Obvious missdirection (ending, Rey is obviously in a cave/hut on Ach-To, and talking to most likely Luke, where Kylo is in a different scene, later in the film (his scar has healed). Rey also has her hair still up (i presume early in the film, as i think after the swim, her hair will be down).

Either way, PORGS! lol. Also, love that we get the new walkers (AT-M6) AND the old AT-ATs :slight_smile:

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What’s up?)

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The trailer looks great; I’m also liking the new Walker design, too.

The AT-M6 (All Terrain Megacaliber 6) is quite nice. Where the OT walkers were based on an elephant, these are based on a gorilla, and thus impervious to harpoons and tow cables.

Also love the brief glimpse we get of the Drednought

Can’t wait to see Snoke’s Supremacy…

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This looks SOOOO GOOD…!