Star Citizen?

Sup? Check it…

From what I can see of Star citizen is that you can opt into a basic ship and module for about 35 USD, or grab a ship and a couple of modules for 55 USD. They do have more expensive packages which go all the way up to 15,000 USD. You saw that correctly. That’s 15k, but it does come with every ship it seems.

From what I understand they have the MMO and Squadron 42 (a partially standalone story mode that later integrates into the MMO).

This is from their site:
With any Game Package you can explore Crusader, fly in Arena Commander and visit your own Ship Hangar.

Single-Player modes include:

  • Arena Commander Tutorial
  • Vanduul Swarm
  • Free Flight
  • Murray Cup Racing

Multiplayer modes include:

  • Battle Royale
  • Squadron Battle
  • Capture the Core
  • Vanduul Swarm Coop
  • Murray Cup Racing

and Star Marine? Which is listed on the patch notes below. I couldn’t find it on their site, and therefore had to google it.

I’ve complied all this from their disorganized website that I assumed was designed in a way to get you to buy more than a basic package. That is a strike against them if they wish to portray themselves as being on the up and up. But it is probably more of an economic decision than anything from what I gather. I could be totally wrong. The fact that they don’t more clearly state what you are getting under the more info tab of the package details is a less than community oriented thing to do. I haven’t bothered to take it all the way to the purchase screen.

Here’s some patch notes (Alpha 2.6.1):

A monthly report for Jan 17’:

Don’t be me and keep upgrading your LTI package every few months, I now have shoveled in enough money in cross-ship upgrades to get a super hornet. (If i was rich I’d be putting that cash into the Esperia Prowler concept dropship)

Yeah, it is a bit confusing, but basically any game package gives you access to what you need for now. The thing to keep in mind is all money goes to development, not necessarily buying the game. When you buy a ship and/or game package, you’re funding development. In turn, they give you a ship to fly around in what they have made so far. If you want a full-fledged space-sim with tons of content that you can play now, look elsewhere for the time being. If you’re okay with playing, a very much in alpha, game and watching the project grow and evolve (and waiting a good while at that), there’s worse things you could spend your money on.

The packages get a little convoluted because there are separate ‘modules’ to the game. What you can download and play now is essentially a test environment, and while there is a great deal of functionality and things to do considering how long they’ve been working on it, it can be pretty wonky and buggy; however, it is laying the foundations for the rest of the game. Squadron 42 is the single-player ‘story’ part of the game and is at least a year out (from what I can surmise) if not two years; and will be released in chapters. The full ‘Star Citizen’ game will be the persistent universe with the MMORPG aspects, and much like S42 is building off of the alpha builds now, SC will build off of S42. I don’t expect that for probably five years, if not more.

My goodness will this game ever be done?!


It’s partially because Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are their own games, some people might only want to play the Singleplayer campaign, so they give that option, others might just want to play SC only.

Honestly, for 55USD for both the campaign, and PU, that’ll be a steal when either PU or S42 are finally available in a fully playable state.

Also, they do state what you get aside from armaments (which if you’re just getting a base package, you’ll be using starter weapons anyway)

For just PU and the aurora (35 USD)

For the combo pack (55 USD)

To be fair, given that most AAA titles are 60 USD, being able to get what will be a AAA title for a little less than that is nice.

Meanwhile I’ve spent about 190 USD in ship pledges over the course of 4 years, which comes to about 47.50 USD a year in pledges. This doesn’t account for the actual value of a game package with Lifetime Insurance right now, which only early-bird backers could have gotten or anyone who knew an early-bird backer who was nice enough to melt down a pledge, rebuy it with LTI and gift it back. This also doesn’t account purchases of apparel like my Drake Interplanetary hoodie.

Also, for anyone thinking they MUST buy a ship with pledges to play with, just play on Arena Commander or Star Marine for awhile and grind up some REC (rental credit) and spend that REC on rentals of ships and equipment for AC or SM

edit: i did a quick check and for a base Digital Bounty Hunter Package with LTI, (that’s with an Origin 300i) it’s currently valued at about 200 USD alone.

So, is Star Citizen running on amazon’s Lumberyard engine now? Or are they still transitioning from cryengine? Also, I read somewhere that squadron 42 was getting cancelled indefinitely. Did i read that wrong?

Don’t even try to play this game in 4k.

yes it is on lumberyard

I thought Cryengine was supposed to be good?

Crytek wouldn’t pay their employess, I guess RSI did not want to be associated with them anymore. It’s juste a guess though.

As much as I want to play this I think it’s best I wait till release or close to release. I can’t handle low frame-rate in space. Makes me physically ill for some reason. That plus motion blur kills it for me. The game looks incredible though and I hope they deliver a solid experience. One issue I have while watching that video was going in and out of hyperspace doesn’t feel fluid. The transition seems forced. But the game is still in devolpment of course so I cant really judge lol

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3.0 should fix that

They’re trying to build a neighborhood with a construction company that should be building one or two houses at a time. It’s retarded.

The lack of graphics customization is plain ridiculous for such a game. I’d like to remove motion blur and drop the shadows , but keep high res texture (because 4k)

Considering it’s still clearly alpha and in development, that’s the least of their concern now. There are low, medium, high and ultra presets, but for now, it’s better to have those minimal graphical tweaks to decrease the variables when it comes to addressing bugs. I also hate motion blur, but it’s NOT a finished game…

Well I just spent about an hour in the game to try it out again. ( logged into a friends account ) My main issue is I’m left handed. Changing key bindings in the game that suit me is quite annoying. Seems like the game has a similar key bindings system to dayz. To many keybindings for me unfortunately. It does seem to have improved overall which is nice. Really hope I can enjoy the game closer to beta or release. Maybe dedicated controller support ( like Elite Dangerous) has would be perfect for me.

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I had to make a custom color coded profile for my K95 lol

Well guys.

I think I’m going to take the plunge.

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Ugh…the keybindings…They’ve changed a few times too.