SSD Kingstone UV400 or Toshiba Q300?

Hi guys, I’m planning to buy an SSD 240GB for the first time, so which one should I get Kingstone UV400 or Toshiba Q300?
Another thing, the Toshiba Q300 looks a bit suspicious to me, because 480GB version cost $155, while the Kingstone UV400 240GB version cost $119.

I hope it was clear enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Hers a nifty info-graphic about the Toshiba drive.

The Kingston and Toshiba drive both have TLC NAND , and:

The lower cost of TLC is great for the consumer market where writes are limited, but TLC should not be used in any applications running Operating Systems, storing mission critical data or most OEM applications.

I would not recommend either of these drives for use a OS drive.

In the links bellow, acquaint yourself with the different types of NAND in SSD’s, and check out the ssd benchmark one, it is a fantastic wealth of information for comparing SSD’s to each other and seeing user reviews.

TLC will still last a decade or more under normal consumer usage. With the 480 GB Toshiba’s apparent endurance one would be able to write 10 GB every single day of its life for almost 33 years. To hit the 120 TB endurance number within the warranty period would require writing 110 GB every single day.

Having said that, I would say no to both of those drives. The Toshiba Q300 has notoriously poor quality control, and the Kingston has bad write performance.

What country are you in? The Mushkin Eco 2 and Eco 3, PNY CS1311, Crucial MX300, SanDisk Ultra II, WD Blue, and most ADATA drives are generally good drives for fairly cheap.

Can confirm and second! Really like ADATA.