Some issues after installing Kali

So during the installation I got the error:

“Some of your hardware needs non-free firmware files to operate. The firmware can be loaded from removable media such as a USB stick or floppy. The missing firmware files are: rtl_nic/rtl8107e-2.fw”

I figured this had something to do with a nic and didn’t have the firmware so I just skipped it. The only issues I’m having so far is that my function keys on the laptop don’t work. Things like mute and volume controls aren’t usable. It’s not a huge deal but I’d like to get them to function. This is on an old Compaq POS I had laying around so I thought I would use it to learn my way around Linux. Any ideas?

I’m not the biggest Kali expert, nor Linux as a whole, but I’m pretty sure Kali isn’t necessarily designed as a ‘daily driver’ distro. I have a build of it on a USB stick for testing and such, but never really had the desire to run it every day. Maybe check out Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu or any of the more ‘standard’ distros; they’ll probably have more functionality and features built in than Kali.

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just install the non-free software?

I think you’re right!

I’m not sure what software it was referring to, that’s sort of the problem. Thanks for the insight though…

Its usually not open source stuff, but its free in terms of cost.

Mostly Hardware specific drivers (sometimes) Audio codecs like MP3, and Video decoders for .mkv (i think) files.
Basically a bunch of stuff that you will probably want given your situation.