Solidworks PC Build

So short back story. I work at a company that uses Solidworks to design a lot of our products and we just hired on a new CAD guy but we need a new PC. The one I work on is kinda dated so we are giving him that one. Now I need a new PC I have a budget of around $1200. I have built plenty of PCs in the past and thats no problem for me. I just havent kept up with the hardware scene very much this past year.

Im looking for any tips or if someone wants to get me a build list that would be nice. it doesnt need a huge SSD since we have a server in house that holds most of our files so a 250 or 500GB SSD will do nice. Im thinking it also needs to have at least 32GB of ram. We deal with a lot of very big and complex models.

Any help will be much appreciated!