Snowmageddon | The Crit Show 0006

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A little snow isn’t going to stop us! Thanks for tuning into The Crit Show!


00:31 - It’s the Apocalypse
01:12 - Intro
01:35 -
02:09 - YouTube VS the content creators - Tinfoil
06:25 - Windows on Arm with x86 emulation - no x64
07:35 - MS focuses on AR in 2017
09:00 - AMD to make GPUs for Intel?
10:35 - Qualcomm’s 10nm 48 code server CPU
11:10 - New elements on the periodic table
11:47 - Weird Chinese food
11:49 - Will robots/AI Kill Us?
14:26 - The PC gaming market is growing
15:06 - Mobile games = marketing tools
17:50 - Nintendo offering bounties for 3DS exploits
20:26 - Retro engine sigma - Linux ARM retro PC
20:05 - Inbox


PewDiePie quit plan prompts YouTube reply - BBC News
![](upload://bXRFrKfGWXf570G7JcKKqU8kMw9.png)Windows is coming back to ARM, this time with 32-bit x86 compatibility | Ars Technica
Microsoft unveils its hardware plans to take on Amazon's Echo with Windows 10 PCs - The Verge
![](upload://62d1tG9bJ0JR9S2JRk90a6ubKT8.png)CPU-Z VALIDATOR
![](upload://tb4yy1nfaKsFMQ8ise1458Ic2QR.png)AMD may license its Radeon graphics IP to Intel for use in desktops, high performance computing - ExtremeTech
![](upload://dhvCy4ZeUY2dbMLKjxOKtQ7Ca9h.png)Qualcomm unleashes 48-core 10nm FinFET ARM server chips - CPU - News -
![](upload://jKncPeYIOLxYNguamtLLz3mw9LH.png)AT&T CEO: Net neutrality is ‘bad for the industry’ | New York Post
![](upload://c6FBscP6dNsf8VPhsQR4orbgAhh.png)Chemists officially add new elements to the periodic table
![](upload://bXRFrKfGWXf570G7JcKKqU8kMw9.png)Millions exposed to malvertising that hid attack code in banner pixels | Ars Technica
![](upload://eJ1sVadbi5hTzw0wsRiQ0qdSHkq.png)Researchers Accidentally Make Batteries Last 400 Times Longer | Popular Science
![](upload://dbeEVJdRuyN3Vaj7pufVDJgEIeS.png)The next generation of robots probably won't want to kill us, say experts - ScienceAlert
![](upload://svKGTQ5MfzYfKYHDBvMnEAoQJOn.png)New Burn Healing Method uses Skin-Gun Stem-Cell Therapy | Digital Trends
![](upload://svKGTQ5MfzYfKYHDBvMnEAoQJOn.png)Israeli Firm Successfully Tests Stem Cell 3D Printer Prototype | Digital Trends
![](upload://ysmwYwI3xjh1urYD6CjkpFMGnIC.png)Premium PC market grows 78% while mobile gaming becomes a marketing tool
![](upload://q4NNQTyRzwtpskJRvY0JcQ1Skdo.png)Nintendo Offering Bounties For Finding 3DS Exploits - oprainfall
![](upload://rn5sIxa5P7KWrrWZ5QgX73GJLxd.png)RetroEngine Sigma - Mini Console & Media Player | Indiegogo
![](upload://kYUKZfFj9mjROHmDVZjDkmV0rsC.png)Will You Make It to Immortality? | Longevity
![](upload://dtojrfVeQoyedkKXbAPAUV4QToC.png)Jeff Bezos, Mayo Clinic back anti-aging startup Unity Biotechnology for $116 million | TechCrunch

@Logan, when will you release a standalone Inbox episode? You said on twitter that you filmed an episode already, if I’m not mistaken. It’s really fun and informative when you do this thing.

02:09 - YouTube VS the content creators - Tinfoil

One man is responsible for absorbing all of the power from YouTubers who have had a substantial loss in views over the last 2 months.

It’s sad, but it’s true.

17:50 - Nintendo offering bounties for 3DS exploits

I respect Nintendo as a business because they have stuck with marketing to all income classes over the last 30 years, and they have been able to keep the prices up on their franchises simply through marketing strategies alone. Note the power consumption for the last couple of generations of consoles. Nintendo has been successful with marketing a product that most people can afford to use, not just those with higher classes of income.

I’ll shoot one in a couple days.

I think Justin should do a weather report every episode.


I love the skits and silliness. 10/10 This stone man is highly entertained.

I’d love to see one every episode. The on-site weather report. lol

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Pff, you guys.

The first snow of the year is always a shitshow for whatever reason. I swear people forget that they’re in the North where, guess what, IT SNOWS EVERY WINTER.


Anyways, AMD making GPUs for Intel would be interesting. I bet if they leveraged it just right AMD could take the lead firm status for mobile dGPUs. Intel would have to push for the AMD licensed stuff to go with Intel’s mobile CPUs though to shift away from the juggernaut that is Nvidia in the dGPU market.

Also, that food segment was kinda weird.

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Windows on ARM reminds me of that time, when Itanium processors were a thing, and then failed because emulating x86 programs on them was very slow.

I am going to drop my opinion on Nintendo. They are the Apple of consoles. They try to be outwardly innovative, but secretly hate change. They expect you to only use their products and they hate PC because it takes from their market.

PC needs no support these days. The PC is so far ahead of the consoles at this point. It has native 4k games and I love the enhanced detail.

But… back to Nintendo. They secretly hate change. They might like hardware change, but when it comes to new IP’s for games, they are just at the bottom of their barrel. It runs parallel with Apple’s philosophy. We’ll try to do new things with hardware, but we’re still using an only slightly tweaked version of the same operating system. Mac OS X has been used since 2001…

Thank you - this is perfect.

I’ve been a quiet Nintendo fan but honestly just for their IPs. Their consoles, err – “innovations” drive me away. Stop with the gimmicks, give me good games. I want Metroid, LoZ, Animal Crossing - please stop rehashing Mario games that are only playable on stupid fucking controls. /rant

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