Skylake non-k overclocking still possible?

Intel disabled it awhile ago:

However, I’m not sure if they pushed an update on Windows like they did with the G3258, so you could potentially downgrade the BIOS and try.

It’s a shame that Intel did this, like they already don’t make enough money.

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Hi guys,

lets say I have the right BIOS, would it be still possible to overclock my i5 6600 on my MSI Z170A gaming m5 board? Or are there any windows microcode updates preventing this?

Ah I see. Haven’t finished my build yet, but I will definitely try it out with an older BIOS…

Would be very annoying if Intel has successfully blocked BCLK OC.

I still overclock my i3 on an asrock h170 hyper but it has the special bclk

I’d say it depends on what you have, what bios, etc. If you are on all new stuff it’s pretty locked down. I haven’t tried on an i3, but the Xeon I had was throwing too many errors to make to worthwhile. I would just go for a k part… or AMD.

Thing is I got a good deal, an MSI Z170A gaming m5 board and an i5 6600 together for 110 Euro. I haven’t got the rest of the parts yet. I guess performance shouldn’t be too bad for gaming, even without OC…