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Only thing so far is that I never got an activation email. Account just activated itself after a couple hours

Forum clock going whacky.

post is something like 15 minutes old

The 7 hour bug we’re looking into - sorry about that!

If I ever installed an OS and left it synced to the wrong timezone it used to do the same thing. On the TS forums on a fresh install it would say everything was posted 3 hours previous or whatever until I synced the OS to the correct time zone.

ive got the 11-12 hour bug

I cannot scroll pages on mobile

Now I can scroll nevermind.

Still getting this window when I try to respond (even though I joined yesterday well over 24 hours ago)

We might just have to nuke the “new member” restrictions all together. It’s just been nothing but pains.


No Worries Hutch.

Installed flux capacitor, all posts are now synced to the proper space-time continuum.


Hey folks, is there anywhere on the forum where I can discuss Android TV boxes? Can’t seem to find a section. Android OS seems dedicated to mobile.

“Home theater” under Hardware would maybe make sense…? What do you think?

Is that a valid question? or sarcasm? i can’t tell.

Valid question, just taking feedback on where it should go. Didn’t want to create something that didn’t fit.

Holy shit! This is a beautiful site! /feedback

Notifications are acting up big time.

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I second this bug report…

The notifications are going nuts; was just notified about a few replies that were nearly 2 weeks old

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Let me see if what I’m about to do will work.