Single Slot Galax GTX 1070 Katana | Only One in America

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CRIT has managed to get their hands on a Single Slot Galax GTX 1070 Katana. We haven’t seen anyone do anything on this yet. As far as we can tell it’s the only one in America! Check out our benchmarks and overviews!


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While I like seeing different brands being made available in NA I don’t think this is the card for me unless I have to settle for a GTX 1070. I want more games playing at 60 FPS in 4K. I know it is a long shot that I will be able to get a 1080 Ti in the near future I will not settle and wait for a more affordable 4K card. I remember saying some years ago that I thought I’d have to wait til late 2017 or early 2018 for that. We will see.

@ShakeHandsWithDanger @Logan 1 thing dudes, would have been great to see how it stack up against an other GTX 1070 to see how the numbers are compared to some more generic/popular GTX 1070.

Those numbers are available on our other videos. No need to go over them every time we show a new card.

Maybe we could figure out a good method of creating additive charts with old cards and new.

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Sure, but it would be nice to see them side by side on the same graph, unless of course the same testing methodology wasn’t used which brings us to the issue of what’s the point of checking the other videos? I think it would just take out a lot of guess work of you guys were like “here we tested the reference 1070 and this 1070 exactly the same with the same drivers here they are side by side”

Google Sheets will automatically update charts with new data as long as it’s in the selected data range. It’s also possible to combo it by making a spreadsheet automatically from the Forms thing, so one could just punch in the numbers into the form and it’ll automatically spit the data out into the sheet which will automatically update the chart for that data.

For example, here’s a form I made in about 13 seconds,

And here’s the spreadsheet,

The chart was actually made after the second “response”, but I haven’t had to touch it since. I simply punched in some random numbers and the chart updated after a couple seconds. Try it out if you want.

If this video had been a properly formatted review then perhaps we would have done that. However it isn’t a review, it’s an overview. There’s also the problem that we don’t have access to a ton of hardware for constant comparison, it’s often the case that we have one of a specific model available at a time so bringing up other cards to retest on new drivers is physically not possible.

Fair enough.
Also, sucks you don’t have the hardware :neutral_face:

It does. Consider that half the reason I bought the Fury X from you was so that we’d actually HAVE an AMD GPU to test against in the future.

yes but what about for new viewers and even then its good to see how the stack up instead spending more time finding an other video

So it’s called the katana and has a fedora/trilby on the box.

Nice one, Galax.