Should I buy?

Recently I found an old 2003 server with 250gb and 3gb of ram that’s dual Xeon and only $30. I want to buy for a home server and upgrade. Is it worth It?

Probably not. I’d have to imagine the power consumption is ridiculous compared to a more modern machine with similar specs plus when parts get that old they start to get unreliable, could blow a cap at any time.

It might be ok for learning and such… install linux and see what you can do, but I’m not sure if I would put it into regular use.

Ok thank you. I’ll use it to learn and then later get something for a home server.

For $30 of course it is worth it. Every single time I watch certain videos on YouTube I get so jealous of the prices / finds people get in England and other places where used parts are sold for far way less than what happens here in Canada.

I disagree completely.

Xeons from 2010, which are way better than Xeons from 2003, sell for $10 a pair.

For $35 one can get a new RaspberryPI, which will likely outperform that server and have much greater power savings.

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I have an ancient HP Proliant ML370. I actually have no idea when the thing was released or what the hell is in it, but it handles whatever I throw at it. I got it for 50 and it could be anywhere from 2002 to 2007 but either way it does whatever the hell I want it to do. You’d do better to do a mac pro for a server though.

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Forgot to mention, the 250gb is in raid 1

If its not an SSD, like that is a legit 250GB hard drive then it is already on borrowed time. Unless that thing was in a server room that was well cooled and no humidity then the chances of that thing surviving are low.

The issue with that statement is that there is no way we could know what you throw at it. Minesweeper? Chips Challenge? Some light internet browsing with IE6? You could literally just be throwing dirty laundry at the case and saying it can take it.

Somebody might take that to mean you’re running Adobe CC, or hosting 120 VGX VMs with ESXi. “Oh shit his 2005 shitbox is doing what my 2017 $3,500 16-core PC is doing? Better switch over now!”

Not likely. :slight_smile:


the 4K(iB) edition :wink:

Ok just stop I’ve already decided against it. Instead I’m getting an asetek 550lc that I found for $20 for my gaming rig

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Glad you got something useful that you wanted.

Low cost stuff is great but sometimes its just not worth it.

Curious: did it still have windows 2003 server installed on it?

Yeah it was wiped and then reinstalled

$30 for a working computer. Whatever man. Hell I’d pay $30 for a working AMD K6 pc right now cuz I want one. Also the power usage argument is hilarious as I have seen charts as to what pcs add to an electric bill and it is next to nothing. Also I said it was worth it because it can do quite a bit and for only $30. Whether he should get a RaspberryPI or not he should still buy the pc for $30. LOL! Anyway we have a right to our opinions and if we end up being helpful yay and if not oh well.