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In this part of our CES coverage, we flew out to Logan flew out to Vegas to check out what CES had to offer! With his limited time, he only got to go to a few booths - but he caught what he thought was interesting! Shadecraft had an interesting automated robotic shade that not only charges itself, but also provides security (while being open source, nonetheless!), Zotac has a new external GPU system they’re working on, and Razer has one of the most ridiculous living room setups.

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That tri-monitor laptop from Razer looks alright, and I gather this was one of two of the prototype Razer laptops that were stolen from the vendor at CES 2017.

Yeah that’s what we heard - which fucking sucks. It isn’t like you can resell these either because you know Razer is scrubbing the internet looking for these, so the dude clearly took it to keep for himself. Or maybe he’s an industry competitor… Anyways, I don’t think this is the first time this has happened to Razer, though?

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