SHA256 Checksums won't match

I just downloaded an ISO of Linux Mint from the official page and I’m not getting the SHA256 checksums to match. I used a web based checksum generator I’ve used many times before to generate the checksum and found the Linux Mint checksum at this site (I don’t understand why the txt file with the checksums isn’t right there by the links to the ISOs…):

I’m verifying linuxmint-18-cinnamon-64bit.iso and it is not matching. Any pointers?

Nearly all of the tutorials on how to do this are from a Linux users perspective…I don’t have Linux yet! That’s why I’m downloading it!

I have had problems with ISO checksums being off in the past,
i just download from torrent or try another mirror.

Mint did have some security problems with their ISO’s being replaced with ISO with malware and new checksums for the malware ISO’s being posted to their site.

personally i use Xubuntu16.10, with the xfce desktop

Yeah this is Mint 18 so that shouldn’t be a concern. I’ll try a different mirror I suppose. Are torrents safe though? I’ve heard sketchy things.

torrent ISO downloads for me, pass checksum, 99% of the time.
and also Mint is a downstream project of Ubuntu, with a focus on ease of use, over security.
At least that is my impression of the project.

What distro is a bit more security minded? I’m completely new to Linux in case that isn’t apparent :wink:

I’m noticing that on many of the websites that have the iso files they say that inside the iso is the txt file with the checksums. I can’t open the iso files to get to the txt files though, do I need a specific program to do this?

U can mount the iso’s with many programs
here’s one

Ubuntu and its variants are pretty good at getting security patches reasonably quick,
Fedora is is based of RHEL, some people consider this to be more secure.

Its really up to $USER preference, I stick with Xubuntu because I have found it most stable for my needs, but i also use Kali Linux to test the security of said installation of Ubuntu

I also try to run the latest Linux kernel as possible