Setup Thread? Setup thread

Alright, I’m new, but since Crit TV is all new, I don’t see a setup thread anywhere, soooooo… why not post one?

Very simple, post your desk setup, gaming setup, you know.


(i need a better camera)


I r8 that chair 8/8 :ok_hand:


If I ever get around to cleaning my desk…


Never easy to get a clean photo of my setup

(edit) also need to figure out a way to make my phone not take such high file sized photos…



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Gotta see the inside of that case. Specs?

This is my simple little setup. Just for games. <3

I like having my tower on my desk so I can look at it. :o


Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 (first revision)
AMD 8350 8-core CPU (first gen)
CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 16GB
XFX R9 390 (two in crossfire)

Samsung 500GB SSD (OS and stuff)
Samsung 1TB SSD (storage for games)


all of it being cooled by two fans really


Here Is my setup, I included my wheelchair as other then being disabled and in it all day most of the time I wanted to rep that Nvidia. Not looking for any sympathy either as you can tell by my build of which I will include a link to as will it contains all the stock clock benchmarking information as well. I do play a ton of games and am on most of the time as I do free lance computer building as my form of income so if any of you play Alliance on World of Warcraft I play a Dwarf Prot/Fury warrior atm both specs are item level 855 I also have a steam account with a plethora of games and origin and uplay for some games ugh if Far cry 4 wasn’t as good as it is I wouldn’t need it. Also a legal medicinal mary jane patient so if that offends anyone i’m sorry only way to keep my degenerative bone disease pain in check, I hate opioids. The little thing in front of the Keyboard is a 3dsXL and that’s as console as I get other then that I am 100% PC games.


Here is my mildly terrible bedroom set up. I’ll have to take a picture of my workstation in my office sometime this week.


Love the framed maps. I did the same thing. Now I want to get them back out of storage.

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Here’s my setup… ignore the plastic wrap on the side panel… lol waiting for the right moment to remove it.

Sadly I was trying something here with my camera so I wasn’t really thinking about composition and had my framed posters of my favorite game not in the photo.

Vidya Gaemz

For specs, click HERE to go to PC Part Picker


I do love a good triple monitor setup - looks fun as hell.

And video of you removing the plastic wrap, pls.


Yes sir! Will do! lol


Solid Choice of Doom there. Game is GREAT!

Thanks! Sure is! Happy that it felt like a proper 90s FPS lol

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You play ESO? Your background image looks like one of the concept arts, haha. I used to play back when it first came out.

Also you should totally find your maps and hang them up. It’s so aesthetic.

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You Should look into shadow wrrior 2 it’s like they took doom boderlands and diablo 2 smashed them together in the best way possible 4 player co-op carnage.