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The “VR Exercise” part of the video reminds me of an idea I have had for a while.

Look, I know video games and social networking are widely accepted now in 2018.

Promiscuity is also widely accepted since the condom was invented.

Please, just hear me out. The fleshlight costs nearly nothing to produce. VR is becoming cheaper and cheaper to own every year.

Just imagine a world where all of the curious teens have motivation to go out and become an entry level Amazon warehouse wage slave to buy an Oculus Rift and have virtual sex with e-girls while they’re not playing Fortnite.

I want to patent a piston mechanism for automated movement inside of the Fleshlight. I am thinking USB-powered and directly wiring it to the headset for ease of transport.

The social networks are already there. The people are already there. It will be win-win for everyone. It will be just like legal prostitution but technically not since it’s virtual. I want to pitch the idea to Facebook/Oculus as a unisex item with swappable cores and call it the Orifice Shaft.

Just wondering if your focus is shifting even more to your “baby”, what’s your plan with this forum? @Logan @ShakeHandsWithDanger