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It’s the last CRIT Show on YouselessTube! Onward to Twitch! Will things ever be the same again? IT’S THE FINAL CRIT SHOW! (do do do dooo! Do do doot doot dooo!)

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Press F.

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I don’t know how I feel about this, why not just move everything over to dtube? Will VODs be available for everything created on twitch? My main concern is not being able to access content for long periods of time (after it’s “aired” so to speak).

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I have had so many issues with dtube. 90% of the time I upload stuff it falls somehow. The other issue is that making money there is very hit or miss. The audience has to be there so it’s a chicken and egg issue.

Twitch will let us upload stuff to YouTube after publishing it, so that will work.


It’s a sad day. I remember the days of the original Tek Syndicate. You can’t go back they say. : S Best of luck with your future endeavors though.

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Best of luck guys!

That’s really good to hear, glad you guys are really getting on top of things, keep up the great work!