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Sen Pi: Our Retro DIY Console is Here | Play SNES, N64, PS1, GBA, Neo Geo, Arcade, Atari, Etc


If it is about the hardware, just let me know here. If it is about the software, a forum post on Lakka.tv would be best… We are about to open a forum section at noticemesenpi.com, so questions can go there too.

[email protected] is mostly for fekek stuff, but I can try. It looks like that email didn’t forward over to my main email correctly… so thanks for making me check. lol.


So from reading this it appears that you wanted to include a “free” software set on your device.
However @Logan free to use doesn’t mean free to sell with a device.
You can include a guide on how to install the software but if you actually do install it and then sell the device it is classified as selling the software afaik. So that’s why lakka and the others are having issues with it.


This is Kinda a gray area - and there is no right or wrong answer with this.

There are several companies that do sell hardware with Open Source Software pre-installed or software that has been added to.
Juniper Networks - with there switches and Routers
Intel - TPM and Management Engine
HPE does a similar thing with several of there products. HEP Aruba being one of them.
Xisystems (makes of FreeNAS)
Version of Unixlike OS that includes on non-free components ie MP3 playback. This would include Android
Just a short list. wich you may/may not agree with.

I do think this is is bad both sides, as if this goes to court there will be alot of issues depending on the outcome.

I Understand where @Logan is comming from and what he is trying to achieve, as having a bigger user base would help the development along and help with finding bugs. This could also help get more people involved development of it.

I also understand where Lakka is coming from and not wanting there software to be used for Commercial Products.

But there maybe a way of getting round this, A script that downloads and installs/Configures and Image. (Ie Upgrade to …)
It’s not Pre-Installed and requires user in reaction to get it be installed. and you then just selling the hardware.


Well, my lawyer agreed about the gray area… said it would be something that we would argue and probably win on since we are “charging a fee for installation”… Most likely it would be a judge who had no idea what any of this meant so who knows. I also want to note the the lawyer is used to arguing “for the business” and doesn’t understand things like internet activism, PR, developers, feelings, etc. When I said, “It’s against their wishes.” He just said, “So what, what they wish and what the law is might be two different things.” So, I went ahead with this idea that it would be good for us, good for making the community bigger, good for people who like indie games, and everyone else and their feelings will have to deal with it. I usually ignore feelings (including my own) when it comes to most decisions because they aren’t logical… However, we are all human and that has bitten me in the ass in the past, lol.

I have changed my thinking regarding this and I don’t want to go argue about all that in court regardless of what is right and wrong. I was mad and at first because I love the idea of reaching the uninitiated, but I decided to let that go for now. I only want the software to continue and I don’t want to demotivate the devs or make us all waste time with this argument.

Well, I am not opposed to the idea of making things easy for people. I always love making build guides for first time builders, tutorials for people who have never touched a camera, products for newbies. In an industry filled with elitism and exclusivity I try to be more inclusive. That has been something I struggle with because it’s just so easy to facepalm when you see a newbie fucking up on something basic… I just have to remember that we all had to start somewhere and it’s never too late to get started.

Anyway, we will look into what we can do as far as making a unit with software in the future, but I don’t want to install any of their non-commercial cores.


I knew there would be a shit storm of comments for this video and I have to say what should have been said for the video is we only provide the hardware and support of that and that in regards to any of the software first you must own the games to play them on this otherwise you are being a total pirate. Covering your *** is important here if you are going to sell something like this. Now let me say I don’t remember all of the video but yeah when I saw what the video was about I cringed a bit. Also the name made me cringe as I thought of anime right away. It sounded like something from that sort of ****.


The name is awesome and you know it!

Anyway, we can maybe add a statement about piracy to the site, though now that we have talked to the devs and are doing DIY kits only I’m not sure if we will need to.


Name is 10/10, and I’m not even an anime type!

I’m looking forward to the guide as I’m going to pick up a senpi next paycheck.



Will this work with the x820, x800 or x850 upgrade boards for the pi 3?