Selling my gaming PC for a laptop

I’m seriously considering selling my PC, meaning the components, monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard etc and buying a laptop. I’m thinking about doing this as I don’t really play games anymore and when I do I don’t get the enjoyment out of them which I once used to, and my PC takes up too much space.

The issue is, I don’t know where to sell my components and what laptop to buy. Do you have any recommendations? I was thinking of buying a used MacBook or something like that. My budget after selling my PC and peripherals would be around ~£800. I’m unsure of if I would buy a monitor to go with the laptop or not at this point.

Any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


Does anyone have any particular laptop recommendations?

Desired operating system?

If OS X or whatever it’s called this week, get a used Macbook.
If Windows, pretty much anything will work.
If Linux, check out System76 and then find the OEM variant of their laptops.

Aside from that, Size? Battery Life? Weight? Usage? Brand Preference?

Regardless of the above, I do not recommend any 2 in 1s unless the keyboard is electrically connected to the main computer. I have a 2 in 1 and getting the wireless keyboard to work with it flawlessly is a pain in the ass.

Why not get a used Thinkpad instead?

Unless you want Mac OS, in which case the used MacBook is the best and only decent option.

Thinkpads have easier upgrade options, better repair options, best-in-class keyboard, military-spec durability, etc. Plus, they are super common and cheap as surplus electronics from universities and large business offices.

Also, as far as video games go, you might want to consider the possibility that you may have outgrown the sort of games you used to like, or the sort of games that most people like (which is 99% of the stuff that gets developped). I used to consider myself as generally a “gamer”, but nowadays I pretty much only find interest in very few, very specific, titles. The more you learn about something, the more refined your preferences and criterias tend to become, so the stuff that is generally the most popular might not be always enjoyable in the long run.

Thanks for your input. I don’t really know what OS I need, as I’ve only ever used Windows. But I was thinking Mac as I’d like something that’s relatively lightweight and has a good build quality. I was looking at a used Thinkpad X220 but I think that it’s a bit under powered. Are there any other used Thinkpads that you’d recommend?

As far as games go, I’m not “sick” of them, I just don’t find spending my time on them is a smart thing to do. And when I do play them I don’t get much enjoyment out of them so I think that selling my PC (which was built predominantly for gaming), and getting a laptop which would be much more sensible, even when it comes to things like power consumption etc.