Second Monitor - Which Side?

So I got a pretty basic monitor and some arms.

I’m going to be putting it vertical because dual horizontal feels weird to me. But I can’t decide which site to put it on.

Do not fret. I will be straightening up the cables as much as possible as well.

  • Left
  • Right

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I would put it on the right so that it will not interfere with the microphone arm.

Advantage of putting it on the right: when you shoot the mouse up to click a file menu of a maximized program on your main monitor or down to the lower left to click the start button (if ur using Windows) then you won’t accidentally lose your cursor on the other monitor.

Advantage of putting it on the left: the same benefit for rapidly moving the cursor to the “close program” X button (on main display)

For the past 10 years I have kept the monitor on the right hand side, the left side just does not feel right. I also have an amplifier on the left with a power conditioner so that limits the monitor to the right.

I tend to agree that it feels more natural to have the secondary monitor on the right, Probably because of the way we read left to right so subconsciously it it feels like starting in the middle of the page so to speak with the other way. Our brains are saying on some level no no no we should always be starting all the way on the left so having the center monitor is the main monitor I want to tell you something is contrary to that

I’ve ended up switching things around several times since this post was created lol, but I’ve kinda settled on a horizontal main on the left and vertical secondary on the right. I have two 24" Asus 1080p 144Hz FreeSync monitors.

Eventually I want to get a 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor to have as my main, and then I’ll put the two 1080p screens on the sides.

I still like to mess with my 27" 4K every now and then, because games just look noticeably better on it, but I don’t really like it for anything except games. All the day-to-day stuff needs to be scaled anyways, so 4K is overkill IMO.

And then when it comes to Linux, I feel like 4K is even worse because scaling doesn’t work as well as it does in Windows. I’ll need to keep Windows for several more months due to school work, but eventually I would like to go back to Linux. I even had a good photography workflow going while I was off of school since January and was able to use Linux exclusively up until about a month ago.

I agree! I would format my computers in a heartbeat and put Ubuntu on them if Unreal’s support of Vulkan was just a little better. I’m curious about your experience with Freesync. I tried it out in a couple games and for the monitor I was using at the time, I still noticed significant tearing the game when I looked up and down a lot, which I thought it was supposed to eliminate. What has been your experience with this?

I’m probably not the best person to ask because pretty much the only game I play on PC nowadays is WoW, but I do notice a difference. It’s either completely gone, or at least happens infrequently enough that I don’t notice.