Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery/Switch off issue

So I have a Galaxy S5 and it has this weird issue, when is get bumped or put on a table roughly, I think the battery inside moves slightly and loses power and the phone reboots. its super annoying. I have actually put some tape in there to make the battery bigger and hold better, doesent seem to be helping.

Does anyone else have this issue and or know a solution??

Thanks in advance.

If you pop the battery out, plug it in as if charging, and handle it the same, does it still happen?

If it does not happen with the battery out either you’re battery is broked or something in the battery circuitry is throwing a fit. I doubt it would be a battery getting motion sickness, so it’s probably something on the PCB if this is the case.

If it does happen with the battery out it could mean that there is a component barely holding on internally. If that’s the case you could try finding what it is, but getting it repaired/replaced might be easiest.