RX 480 or GTX 1060

I know I have a build advice post but I feel that picking my GPU should be a conversation isolated from the rest of them due to the complexity of the debate between these two cards.

I’m picking up a GPU over the holidays and I’m stuck picking between the GTX 1060 and the RX 480. I’m within an estimated price bracket of $200-$230, which allows me to pick almost any RX 480 4GB or GTX 1060 3GB I want. This is subject to change.

I will not be moving up to Windows 10/DX12 at any point in the next year, so DX12 performance is mostly irrelevant.

Which of these two cards is the best for the money?

I don’t know if AMD’s new drivers translate to Windows 7 and 8, but if they do I would definitely go with the RX 480. The new AMD drivers give it a bit of the edge over the 1060.

It depends on how far you want to overclock the GTX 1060. If you stick with the stock speeds, go with the RX 480. If you go with the GTX 1060, go with the 6gb model. The 3gb model will eat through all of its memory quickly. If you looked at the Resident Evil 7 demo you will understand that you need all the video memory. This is a strong point for the RX 480. It has 8gb vs the GTX 1060’s 6gb… I don’t know what Nvidia was thinking with that.

Overall, if this is a card you want to stick with for a few generations, the RX 480 is the better bet. The drivers keep getting better and better. I have owned cards from both camps and AMD hasn’t disappointed in the past. Async compute is another strong point for the RX 480…

I’d say RX 480 as well, simply because of how much this card has improved. Also if you’re choosing between the two models with the lower ram, there is pretty much now reason to choose the 1060

AMD cards work better on linux as well. So if you ever needed to jump ship, it would be very easy as compared to the Nvidia graphics drivers.

Gotta say amd. As of right now the cards are almost exactly equal and odds are the 480 will get better over time and the 1060 will not.

The 1060 now holds the world record for OCing. And people are OCing it with the stock cooler past 2000 mhz. I use the 1060 3gb (until the 1070 is around 330) and I didn’t have any trouble with the RE demo. But for sure if it’s a new game with awesome texture-gobbling RAM stuff you could run into problems I guess. I haven’t yet and play Quantum Break maxed, a lot of stuff in 1440 etc. I’ve never used AMD cards, though, so I can’t offer a good opinion on those. The AMD will use more wattage for sure, and more wattage equates to more heat, usually, which can equate to shorter lifetime of the card. I HAVE heard most game devs generally optimize for Nvidia tech, but that’s just hearsay. Who knows? There are a plethora of articles comparing the two online, so check those, too.

As much as I love AMD, I have grown tired of their slacking when it comes to software support. I sincerely hope they get it back together with Zen.

They design bullet proof pieces of hardware which are next to useless in relative comparison to Intel and Nvidia, who both milk bare minimum improvement increments for all they’re worth.

In the long-run, I find AMD to be too disappointing. By the time their stuff is working correctly, it has already become outdated.

I vote for the 1060 6gb. I like the Asus Strix OC and Zotac Amp! models.

Get the RX 480 8GB if you don’t mind waiting for another 1-2 years to be able to use it without problems.
The Asus ROG and Sapphire Nitro+ models look best to me.

To me, it’s close enough between the two to not matter. I went with AMD this time around with an XFX RX 480 8GB Hard Swap edition. There are a few other frame-rate comparisons I’ve seen. Seems like it really just depends on the game, what they’re optimized for, whether or not they use DX12, Vulkan, etc.

I upgraded from a GTX 970, and I’ll put this out there, it wasn’t as much of an upgrade as I had hoped. In WoW I average maybe 5 fps more. HOWEVER, in frame-rate tests the 480 seemed to have a significant edge over the 970 in DX12 games. I’m hoping as DX12 and Vulkan become more prominent that the 480 will age like a fine wine and I can keep this baby going for a while. I’ll even do dual 480’s if we start seeing significant improvements in Crossfire performance.

The cards are similar. Nvidia GameWorks adds features that AMD does not. With you not moving to Windows 10 / DirectX 12 picking AMD is even more pointless. Anyway good luck with your video card purchase.

Why would it be pointless to pick AMD? Like you said, the cards are very similar and as the benchmarks show, the AMD card pulls ahead on DX11, when using the new drivers. Also don’t even mention GameWorks, I think most people here hate, as it’s just Nvidia being anti-competitive. I mean your love for PhysX is somewhat justified (when used properly, it can look quite amazing) but GameWorks is just utter shit. It doesn’t actually look that good, and it runs like shit on both amd and nvidia. It just runs slightly less shitty on nvidia. In generaly there is no reson why a dev should use GameWorks over GPUOpen

Go with the rx 480 with Vulkan and dx12 becuase those API’s support asynchronous compute. The 480 natively supports async.