Rogue One!

Who else is going to see it?!
I got my tickets last month, and i will be going at 7PM on Thursday, the 15th.

The Electrical Club at my college (which i am a member) will be going to see it in IMAX on the 20th (which was my idea for the end of Semester activity lol).

Just curious if there are any Star Wars fans on here. I, for one, loved The Force Awakens. Saw it 7 times in theaters, and i am super pumped for Rogue One.

Couple things i would like to address, Please no spoilers… Let’s leave such things either hidden, or till January.
Another thing, if you don’t care for star wars, or have a stick up your butt about the new movies… move along lol

If you would like to take a listen to about a minute of the new score, take a listen.
I can’t be the only one here that is beyond excited lol


Bought my tickets last month as well… Super pumped. Some people were saying it was “The Empire Strikes Back”-good after seeing the premiere, which is a pretty bold claim.

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Yeah, i watched the Live Red Carpet event, and Kevin smith and Wil Wheaton were being interviewed. I am Going dark till Thrusday night. Not going to (i usually go daily lol) nor will i search for anything, however, i did check a few people’s twitter before fully going dark…

Got my tickets last month. So excited

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Everyone knows Kyle Katarn stole the Death Star plans

I am actually looking forward to this one. I used to love the universe. I was a massive fan of IV and V. I am “whatever” about A New Hope. The story and visuals were fun, but I can’t stand George Lucas as writer. His dialogue is so flat. Lawrence Kasdan is a much better writer when it comes to characters and dialogue. However, I always liked the setting, style, creatures, etc. It’s creative and strange.

The prequels killed it all for me. They were so bad it was hard to even care anymore. Then the last one came out… and it felt like a giant homage to the old movies. I thought it was OK. I prefer Lucas as the story teller over Abrams, well… Lucas back in the day.

Now… this one is interesting. I am quite ready for a Star Wars movie that is not centered around “the family”. Here is hoping this one is good.


I’m the same way with a new hope. I respect it for what it is for creating the huge world that now is Star Wars. It had good parts to it, but over all it wasn’t a very good movie for me.

As far as the prequels go. Episode 1 is actually one of my fav Star Wars movies. If you can get last Jar Jar and a few minor things it’s very much classic Star Wars. Episode 2 though was pure trash.

Going to go see it on Friday, very excited.
I love the Star Wars movies, there amazing.

Midichlorians, Natalie Portman was terrible, and the dialogue was pretty flat. I can almost handle Jar Jar in comparison to the other things. It felt like more of a kids movie. Part 2 was really bad too, lol.

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What bothered me the most was little Annie. Soooo damn horrible. “Now this is podracing!”

I just re-watched the prequels, and while i like the overall story (how Anakin came to be, etc.), I just really dislike some of the visuals… mainly the fact that not one clone trooper was ‘real’. Every one was CGI, and i just don’t know why… I mean, there are CGI troopers in The Force Awakens, and i am sure there will be in Rogue One, but for stuff too dangerous for stunt people and the like…

I just want to point out one thing, you mention loving IV and V. that’s A New Hope and Empire. I assume you mean you like V and VI? VI was my fave as a kid, but Empire is my fave now. The music alone is worth the trip.


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I am only going to go see this movie if my niece and other relatives see it as really I have no interested in going other than to have their company because the last movie was garbage.

Pretty bold statement there… What makes you think that?

You forgot this is the internet. Overly strong opinions are everywhere

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i remember the good old days… when the internet was too slow to give opinions.


Cameo appearances with a very simplistic story. It was too dull for me.

I’m actually getting married on the 17th and after the wedding everyone is going to go see it. So I’m super pumped! For the movie and the wedding!


Congrats. :slight_smile:

Oh damn! Epic!!! Is the better half a Star Wars fan?

Congratulations Algernoon :slight_smile: