Rockband at the next LANParty if there is one(By Crit)

Hey Logan it’s Fran! You met me at PDXLAN and what not(i’ll save the pleasantries).

I have a bit of a proposal for you, If you do another LANSyndicate/LAN party, and that is my friends and I bringing our custom rockband setup for a bit of a side attraction/activity for LAN goers to chill and get in on some twitch fun.

My friends went to LANFest last year and they liked it and our man guy thinks our rockband setup would be pretty well placed(despite being xbone).

We’re actually the guys who do the After party for PAX Prime every year, so we’re not talking the cheap plastic toys that come with it.
We’ve got the real stratocoaster guitars, ION Drumkit with real cymbals+ double bass pedals, real XLR stage mics and mixer with a dedicated streaming/host/techincal hub laptop that drives the whole thing. Basically it’s pretty close to the real deal for stage performances. Like Karaoke but way better with friends.

Weve hosted our show at PDXLAN, VectorLAN, InferaLAN(Intel), PAX Prime, AFK(Bars) and other places.

I will be at PDXLAN this summer if you’re headed that way, could chat with you about it there if you’re going.

We don’t do this for money or anything like that. We do it for community fun stuff.

EDIT: Should probably drop the facebook page: