RIP TO XFIRE (A look back into 2004 PC Gaming)

Ahh, good times wasn’t it? This is where I made my very first friends in PC games. Some of which I still have added on some social medias and speak to.

If you go to their website; . You will see they’ve gracefully said their goodbyes.

This is the platform I learned what is PC gaming. When I’d first started, I didn’t even know people built custom PC’s. My friends would send pictures of their LED ridden mini space heater PC’s, with their screens on their keyboards and whatnot. Ahh I miss the tackiness that went behind a proper ‘gaming’ setup back then.

On my time on Xfire I learned what all there was to PC gaming, and the opportunities to be had that Xbox and PS2 couldn’t even come near comparing to. In these days the gap between console and PC was absolutely massive.

Let’s reminisce for a second back on some of the greats;
Battlefield 2142

My absolute favorite of all time; Halo: Combat Evolved & Custom Edition

Unreal 2004

Quake Arena

CS 1.6

And of course CoD 2

And many more which I can’t recall. It’s a big coming of age thing to me tbh, I used Xfire back in my freaking prime man. PC gaming was in such an awesome place, and mods were beautiful.

I hope you guys can also share some memories of your PC experience back in the pre-steam era.

Can only upload 2 pics sadly… since I’m a “new” member. Smh


I remember downloading the Vanilla World of Warcraft Naxx patch on 56.6K Dial up took 9 hours. Mom wondered why we did not get any calls all day. Good times.

Lol I remember those days… I remember at one point waiting an hour just to load the Runescape java files lmao

when you had to download the 250mb patch for battlefield 2, and it took a goddamn while.

When this was your dream setup


Xfire, UT2004, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory = Middle School me.




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No need to bump…

But I kinda miss Xfire? But really it was more of an annoyance to me then anything else. Back when clans were more popular, it was just another layer of communication to have to step through in order to talk / play with people, and I found it annoying.

If I recall though, Xfire was ahead of its time with game streaming. Anyone else remember that?

Definitely need to bump. I met some good long lost friends back on Xfire. I think it was quite advanced as you could launch/join people’s games and yeah like you said communication purposes. Was a good time for PC world

Things come and go as time moves forward…

I think Steam has just about all of the features of Xfire built in now? No point in having two programs that do the same thing, especially when one already has everything else integrated too.

Steam actually lacks many communication features. Why do we need teamspeak now…when we didn’t then? Shit’s weird

Frick I still play runescape on my character back from 2004. Can’t kick the nastalgia I guess.

My reaction when I downloaded WoW on high speed internet for the first time and it didn’t take literally all day.

Lol I log on time to time. I remember it was a big milestone for me when I could youtube AND runescape at the same time on my 2 HP CRT’s lolol. I got a PC from a super small local PC that just happened to have a hefty GPU in it back then when my Mom set up DSL for the first time. Changed me forever. Don’t even remember the specs at all, just that it could play Crysis 1 (sort of)