Ridiculous Sound Setups

Post and talk about your overkill sound setups here.

I’ll be posting some photos later of a dance I’m DJing, so watch out for that.

Motherboard → ODAC rev. B → Upgraded Objective2 → AKG K712 Pro

Wouldn’t call it overkill or ridiculous, but it gets the job done rather well.

Onkyo TX SR606 paired with redone Bose Model 31s that now have 150 watt speakers and much nicer tweeters in each of the two of them that are much better than the OG ones were, and a KLM center speaker.
Also using the digital audio on it from my PC for dat lossless sound.

Can be seen here:

Playing doom with the volume so loud it shakes the walls is absolutely amazing lol, and the sound quality is damn good as well.

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Sorry to back out on posting pictures I didn’t get any shots that didn’t have people from the school in them I know this may be a little bit weird, but I respect people’s privacy

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I use my computer speakers

I would say that counts as ridiculous yes? Lol

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