Returning to an Older/Less Powerful Card

Well It Winter in NZ her and the power bill it starting to become quite expensive.

So I decided to swap out my 390x ( i do have 2 but that got removed about 1 month ago ) for the 280x that i won in an auction. The person that sold it to me said that they had issues with it and that the computer would randomly reboot. They also said that say flames/sparks shot out the back of it. ( I have found no evidence of this when pulling the Card apart)
After installing the card I was quite surprised that i didn’t have to change any of my graphical settings, i don’t play a lot f games now days that have overly demanding graphical settings and playing at 1080p probably helps.

I did lose a bit of frame rate, this is only noticeable with the frame rate counter up in the corner. Witch i seam to have open all the time in DOOM. so i went from 150 - 170 FPS to 55 - 70 FPS. This Puts it closer to my monitors refresh rate.

I was also quite surprised that VRAM hasn’t be an issue, am see that a card with 3GB of VRAM is getting to be the point where you probaly wan’t to have 4GB of VRAM. as DOOM will use 2.8GB of VRAM

It’s Still surprising how cool this card is compared to the 280x form Gigabyte that i had to RMA.

Somethings that i wasn’t overlay happy with, The power connectors are rotated 180 degrees compared to the 390x. It was a bit difficult to get the Connectors to go into the Socket., Second I had to Find a DVI cable and A DVI to VGA adapter. As with the previous card i had a Display Port to DVI. Main Monitor Display Port to Display Port and third Monitor is Display Port to VGA.

Then you know how i feel now selling all my AMD gpus half a year ago. A pair of r9 290’s and a r9 280x. If you are into the used market sell it and maybe you can buy a new = powerful but more efficient gpu.

I guess the temperature gets hotter on your side of the world? This threw me for a bit of a loop.

@alphazero1990 aside for the Fury and Vega line which would be an upgrade. both 390x will do 1275Mhz in Xfire/single. so still out perform the 580. but still use a shit load of power. I do like them so not going to sell them. I could get 1K - 1.2k kiwis if i sell them together. but that Aint going to happen.

@Dynamic_Gravity it’s starting to warm up but oz is starting to hit Summer Temps.
i think we have had 12 - 16c days of late but then we get a sotherly and it feels like 1c
But muggy as hell and only going to get worst as we start to head into summer

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I still have an HD 6950 that I might be throwing into my workstation.

The performance per watt sucks compared to what’s on the market today, but it’s still a lot cheaper to use a card I already have than buy something new.

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