Red Dead Redemption 2

I walked pass a gram stop and saw this.

Why does it not say pc? Wtf rockstar.

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Cause they suck. From what I heard with GTA V Sony and Microsoft paid rockstar a bunch of money to keep it a console game for a certain time to help console sales.

Don’t know if it’s true or not. But having a game like this skip pc is stupid in this day. They would loose out on sooo much money.

I bet a year later it will come out for whatever reason

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They did it for GTA V, people should have expected this.

But one would think people learn from mistakes.

Look’s like the consoles are going to beta test it for us again.

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I would like to keep my hopes up for a PC release, although that may not happen at all.

And R* canned the itch-scratcher that was the RDD mod for GTAV, saying they needed to protect the brand, absolutely ridiculous. R* really needs to give the PC community a little more love.

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I have read 5 articles out there about Red Dead Redemption and 2 out of 2 said something about a pc port for the game. those 2 were dated back in February of 2017. and the rest talk about it being postponed until 2018.

Me Too.