Real world advice: Help picking fans from the bargin bin!

So my corsiar ml120 are slowly dying which annoys me as i removed the 3rd fan off my push pull rad this morning due to death.

they are also too loud for my liking even with the fancy mag lev design.

So i have the chance to get some fans at clearance at a australian store [ my region ] for between 12 and 16$ at almost a 50% discount per fan. im going to post some links can you guys suggest which ones would be best for me? i want power but more silence as i water cooled my system for better temps and a more silent system at night.


Phanteks 140mm:



case and cooling is:
in win 509 ROG
tripple 120mmm by 60mm thick rad
single 120mm by 60mm thick rad

with about 10 fans needing replacement. please help