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Making 'Game of Thrones' Available Only to AT&T Customers Would Be "Crazy," Says CEO | Hollywood Reporter
Google is tracking shoppers offline - Business Insider
FCC revised net neutrality rules reveal cable company control of process • The Register
Comcast is trying to censor our pro-net neutrality website that calls for an investigation into fake FCC comments potentially funded by the cable lobby : technology
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
(9) Tesla's Autopilot Predicts Crashes Freakishly Early (Third Edition) - YouTube
Scientists just created the world’s first lab-grown human blood stem cells
The Future of Ransomware - Schneier on Security
(9) OpenAI's new machine learning system - YouTube
Fan game The Lecarde Chronicles 2 plays like a lost '90s Castlevania | PC Gamer


On this week’s CRIT Show: Google is the worst. Verizon is the worst. Comcast is the worst. That being said, who wants to live forever? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Doug thinks what we’re all saying, and is that a new tinfoil hat? All this and more, on CRIT Show 0025!

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Disregarding the whole Orwellian part, think the reversal of the net neutrality measures would increase the use of peer to peer services? With that you’re not particularly connecting to any one specific source, you’re connecting to potentially thousands of sources.

On the Orwellian part, I took a quick glance through the website and it looks like a lot of the “comments” are phrased very similarly. They’re not exact copy/pastes, but a very large portion of the “comments” follow the exact same structure.

I have six nine “comments” open that follow this exact structure:

Addressing Pai/FCC, worry/concern about previous administration. Asking/recommending repeal of Net Neutrality laws. People not government should control. Comment about previous rules being exploitation/corruption. Comment about bipartisanship.

There’s some funny business going on.

Your point on the IoT and ransomware is valid but speaking as a Canadian that lives on The Prairies…20 degrees F bwahahahahahahahah!!! Try -25 degrees C is a warm day. We litterally walk around in open fall jackets at 20 F and it would take days for our pipes to freeze at those balmy temps. Our heat went out in our house for four days at -10 when I was a teen and our pipes didn’t freeze.

This is why all IoT need a reset and backup function.

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