Razer Blade Laptops & Core V2 | Pro, Stealth, and More

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Check out Razer Blade Holiday Deals: http://www.fyitrack.com/?4D745318
More info on the specific Razer laptops.
Razer Blade Stealth – 13” : http://www.fyitrack.com/?66A2D3E3
Razer Blade – 14” : http://www.fyitrack.com/?F37F8BCF
Razer Blade Pro – 17” : http://www.fyitrack.com/?7463F64E

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Tek Syndicate takes a look at a trio of Blade laptops from Razer, and the Core V2. Special thanks to Razer for sponsoring this video.

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The 17" Razer Pro would suit my needs nicely :smiley_cat:

I’m still contemplating hiding it until they send a hitman.

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We’re looking to pay about $3000 in Australian dollars for the privilege of owning a Razer Pro 17" :crying_cat_face: