RAID for 6 SSDs

I have a mix of 6 SSDs lying around and wanted to RAID them together for a build, what sort of RAID controller should I use for this?

The motherboard I have available is the M5A99FX PRO R2.0 if that’s relevant, and I’m just looking for pure speed as data isn’t that critical (RAID 0 will be fine).

That motherboard… lets see. it has raid, but not for six drive. as far as i can tell it supports 4 drives in RAID 0 but even then probably wouldn’t be optimal as you are like to fry the controller, or the CPU, or both trying to do that kind fo raid lol.

PRobably want to grab a RAID card if you can. And the cords for it

so like $50+ if you want all the SSDs

Awesome thanks.

Also I have heard that some cards run hot, will that be an issue for this card?

Most HBA or Raid controllers run hot, as long as you some air flow around them it should be fine.
they are designed to run at 80 - 90 c

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