Radeon 540 is not working EVER!

Hi! So resently (pardon my english) i bought a laptop.
Its a Lenovo 330s. Estetically very pleaseing, great IPS screen, metal, nice keyboard, and specs are quite intriguing. Now i am upset that radeon just wont be fkn used!!! Ever… It always uses integrated… i’ve tried many options but all to no avail. PLEASE HELP!!!
Btw, the game is Cities Skylines with all DLCs, and no mods. Just started.
i5, 8250u
12gb RAM 2400mHz
Radeon 540 2gb
Full HD ip screen.
Win 10 pro.

AMD catalyst won install. AMD software does not make 540 work even tho game is listed to have “best performance”. Cannot install catalyst no matter what i have tried. Getting super frustrated.
NO, i am not going to re-install game, NO, i am not going to re0install amd software, because i’ve already done it many times…
I’ve tried in BIOS changing graphics between swichable and “other option” cant recall how its called…
Maybe someone could advise me on this??? Wtf… new stuff, amd is supposed to be good, but i’ve pretty much payed a $120 for nothing, when i could get nvidia mx 150… I wanna be loyal to AMD, but this is bad.

Welcome Dan.

Check your power options first. Go to Power & Sleep settings and click on Additional power settings.
Click on “Change plan settings”
Click on “Change advanced power settings”

Let me know if there are any options there that allow you to tell the PC when to use the GPU vs the onboard.