R/techsupport - S2719DGF, NO dp or HDMI signal randomly, DDU used post issue, tried everything

I’ll list all my specs on the bottom for easy access.

To anyone who sees this and replies, I do thank you in advance for any helpful tips and reading this whole message, I can post my email as well for any follow ups.

I believe I have tried almost everything to get this issue to stop, it first happened two days ago while playing APEX, all of a sudden mid game the screen turned black and I was told my monitor had no input device, I quickly forced shut down my pc and started it back up and I thought everything was fine, and the issue happened again minutes later. I then tried a HDMI cable instead of my DP (Display port) and still had the same issue, it would black out at random times, it would happen faster once I started a video game up.

I then noticed that my display adapter driver, I’ll say DAD for short, was disabled and my display resolution in System > Display was grayed out and in the Advanced display settings there was no option for refresh rate where there should be. I then uninstalled my DAD using the program DDU in safemode to remove the drivers properly and reinstalled afterwards, which fixed the minor issues that I just listed above. I then updated the DAD to the latest version Adrenalin 22.1.1 1/11/2022. That didn’t help with anything and the screen would black out and I had to force shut down my pc every time it happened and when I started it back up the DAD was disabled again and the screen resolution was locked as well.

After further research I cleaned both my ram sticks as well as my gpu, no help. I thought it may have been a BIOS issue so I updated that properly but still nothing. My second to last resort was to factory reset my pc and that still didn’t help, my last resort is to buy a new gpu which I’ve seen a few people online say it worked for them.

Once again thank you for your time.

Monitor- Dell S2719DGF

OS- was running Windows 10 home x64, just installed to Windows 11 home although im probably going to go back to 10

Motherboard- H410M-1 Pro (MS-7C89) it’s a MSI board

CPU- Intel i5-10400 2.90 GHz

GPU- ASUS Dual RX580 8GB

Bios Version/Date- installed newest one today- AMI 1.90, 11/5/2021 previously was 1.60 8/20/2020

All parts were bought new around November 2021

This is a difficult problem.

DDU and full reset rules out a software problem.
Both DP and HDMI not working cause me to doubt it’s the monitor.
So it’s probably the GPU itself, since the problem starts after launching APEX. Does it happen on other games as well?

If applicable, try swopping out the GPU first. If the problem persists swop out the monitor.