Questions for the Crit Tv Team

Hey @Logan and @hutchison15

I want to ask you some questions

Do you plan on doing WASD, Inbox EXE and The Tek under the new channel??

What advice would you give to aspiring Game Developers? Is the Zwiehander Game still in Development?

Pie Or Cake?

If you could have one piece of software that currently does not exist what would you have and why?!?

Thanks so much guys!!

i think this post will guide you… Logan changed the way you ask questions for the INBOX, from forum post to good old email

but good questions… i choose cake :slight_smile:


thanks for the help :smiley:

We’re testing things out, so don’t hold me to this quite yet - but a weekly news show should be re-appearing every Saturday. WASD will be biweekly on Mondays?

Pinging @wvaughn409

For me… Man, this is tough… If they were by themselves, cake. If I could have icecream, pie.

Maybe not a dedicated piece of software but if I could have a more streamlined pixelsorting plugin of sorts for video, I would die happy.

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Why yes @jonnyp3f we are absolutely still in development :slight_smile: We are the little engine that could that just keeps putt putting along while cities are torn down and rebuilt around us.

Thats Awesome, Let me know if you need a coder at all, I want to help out with some projects!