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Alright this might be a bit basar to put on a tech forum but I love the community and I’m looking for help from people who might know what I’m looking for. So I’m 17 years old and I’ve always had problems with school, which is odd because I’ve had so many different interest that I’ve just tought myself out of bordem, ex. photo manipulation, video editing, and of course building computers like most people on this forum. I’m a junior with credits from previous grades to make up, add on to that the school that I’m in is backwards and I swear they hate which is why I just want to start working just to help my sanity. just to wrap this up sense I feel like I’m rambling. I’m looking for all of my options, what jobs can I get with a GED possibly in the field of computers, photo manipulation, or video editing? I might finish high school but I doubt it, thanks to anyone who helps.

Some people need school, some do not. Some people need the guarantee of a job and the comfort of knowing they have a piece of paper listing “desired skills” while some are wily and rely upon their own intuition and tenacity to get by.

First, some questions: What’s wrong with the school? Is it boring or are you actually really trying and it’s too hard? Do you find the subjects lame or the methods of teaching lame? Do you have a few friends there? I can probably give a better assessment after knowing these things.


So here us the deal. I hated school. I thought it was boring and useless. Felt like it was baby sitting for teenagers. So naturally I didn’t do very well cause it didn’t interest me. So I told my self I’m never going to college cause all this is useless bullshit. So when I was done high school I immediately went into a trade to make some money.

I ended up hating it. So I went back to school. Once your out of high school education really opens up for you. Your not forced to do all these bullshit things. You can actually learn something your interested and passionate about. Crazy concept eh?

Grades 1-12 or 1-13 are a useless cookie cutter system. Fit the mold or be left behind. They wonder why kids fall behind and fail.

So don’t give up yet. Being 17 you have what, one year left? Your young and having one or two years left isn’t a lot in the grande scheme of things. Maybe when your done take a year to work and see how that goes.


What’s wrong with the school?: they have strange rules that I thought I understood but I guess I didn’t, for ex. in one class using definitions you didn’t make is ok while in an other class I get accused of of plagerism, me and my parents thought this online school would be good to make up credits when it just ended up being more a headache then the old public school, but idk I’ve never done good in school, think of other things, some teachers calling this la la land instead of trying to get me interested but that’s the school system for you. Is it boring or are you actually really trying and it’s too hard?: It leans more toward boredom because once I was went on a personal visit to a trade school the field I picked being computers, and on the to the class the guy I was following had a chemistry class and even though I usually am failing my science class I was talking to the guy in the back and answer most of the questions correct, so he called me smart and I was just thinking no I’m not because I was barly sliding by in my classes. Do you find the subjects lame or the methods of teaching lame?: that’s a good question because I’ll find sometimes that I’ll be answering a question and when my parents see it they will have no idea what they are looking at because it a new way of teaching, I might add is stupid, but really I think most subjects taught to us in 9-12 are usless, just teach us a skill and get us a job because we’ll learn what we need while learning the skill, afterall I didn’t learn how to read a ruler correctly until I took woodshop. Do you have a few friends there?: in the school that I’m in I basically have no friends, I tried to get people that are on steam, one that is inactive and is constantly doing school work and another that I’ve never spoke to. thanks for responding logan, I hope to hear back from and sorry that this is long I just need to explain things.

yes exactly, and thanks for replying, and by the end of this year I will have one year left which will most likely leave me with classes I can’t pass causing me to have wasted a year in school when I could be working, I’m almost 18 and it think it’s a waste of mine and my parent’s time keeping me in school but idk.

While school might not be agreeable to you, one school subject that is an essential life-skill is mathematics (and written English a close second)

I was like you, and I despised high school. but on venturing into the real world of work I came to realise I wasn’t going too far without an understanding of maths.

Workshop maths / workshop geometery are maths subsets that I utilise even in my woodturning hobby.

Developing social-skills at high school is also important, why is this so?

  • When you venture into the world beyond the school gate, you have to develop the ability to communicate with people effectively (especially in the workplace);

  • Social-skills learnt at high school assist you to effectively ‘read’ the intentions of other people / co-workers / bosses in the workplace;

  • Learning how to ‘sell’ an idea to others is another social-skill to be developed.

There are times when I wish that I would have performed more diligently in high school, but that’s life, you learn by your mistakes, and advance forward.

Just to conclude:

Learning does not cease when you pass through that school gate for the last time, learning is life-long from the moment we leave the comfort of the womb, and only stops for good when our eyes close, and darkness envelops us during our final moments on earth.


Sure you can pass them. I know your parents have probably said this and it’s true. School is the easiest time in your life. Sure school has factors that can make it no enjoyable or hard. But it doesn’t really hold a candle to going out into the work force and being on your own.

Honestly just do yourself a favour and just finish the best your capable of. When it’s over, looking back it won’t seem like it was a big deal.

Also going out into the work force without a GED is a bad idea. Life isn’t fun on minimum wage.


I’m currently attending a school that focuses on broadcasting, TV, Radio, and my key focus which is Video editing/shooting.

Education is important. But you may need to find the right program for you. It’s out there.


yeah I need at the least a GED and maybe do like my dad did and sometime go to some place to make up the credits to get a serious high school deploma

I know the programs are out there but I don’t know how to get them, maybe I should just get my GED and join a program when I have life figured out.

People can say what they want but School is not for everyone, and not required to “Succeed” in life.

School is meant to prepare you for your future job in the field you wish to pursue. for example, you don’t learn how to be a lawyer by going to Law School, you learn to be a Lawyer by actually working for a Law Firm. same goes for being a Network Administrator, a Programmer (though this is an exception, you learn how to program by actually programming, not necessarily working for someone) and many other fields. school is required depending where you live and how much experience you have working for whatever it is you wish to pursue.

For example, here in New York City, a College degree is just about required to even have some modicum of financial success over here. Minimum wage will not cover the cost of living. and rent ranges from $1000 to obscene prices like $2400 to even $3600. and that is not even for a house. but for apartments the size of a Living Room. and I’m sure @Logan can vouch. (I believe he’s mentioned waaaay in the past, he lived in New York at one point) if you have your degrees and certifications and all that jazz, you can make an exceptional, middle class living here. Salaries ranging from $30,000 a year upwards to $70,000.

However in all seriousness the worst you can do is drop out of high school. that is just a necessity regardless of where you live and or where you go. as for problems with learning in school, that issue is mainly a fault of the public American school system than you the student’s fault. for example, I’m taking a networking course, we are forced to read a textbook, and answer questions and write papers, we’re not given switches to work with, routers, servers or any of that crap to play with. which is like HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO LEARN THIS TO USE THIS WHEN WE DON’T HAVE IT IN FRONT OF US…

In this era of America, getting money all boils down to who you know, much more than what you know. though a little bit of know how will help as well. I myself am trying to finish school while working part time Minimum wage which as of this years is $11 in my state. it doesn’t cover shit I want to do or anything I can use to build my knowledge so I’m kinda boned. but I have to deal with it.


I know that high school is required but would a GED be a good replacement because I don’t know if I can graduate high school.

Yes you can graduate high school. Just put a bit of time and effort. I was the same way. Changed my attitude gave a few shits and I found it was easy.

Everyone is tellin you the same thing so there must be some truth. Just get through high school and try. It’s not that long of time. Then you can bugger off and do what ever you want for the rest of your years.

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