PSU help please

I received 3 computers from work. 1 of them had a bad lite on 300w PSU and or mobo damage. The other computer has the same hardware( psu unknown condition) but caused a 4 pin USB to catch fire causing mobo damage. I have a fully operational computer with a dell PSU 250w. I am wondering if it will be ok for a little bit until I can buy a better psu. I am converting this into a gaming pc. I just bought a 1050ti. The working pc is a dell optiplex 790 with i5 2400. I can supply pictures of psu and mobo(damage) if needed.

My question is will the 250w be ok for gaming for a few months until I can get new psu? Also is it safe trying the 300w to see if it will work? Will it cause damage to the fully functional pc if I use that psu that caused the USB 4 pin to catch fire?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

In my opinion, ditch the two “broken ones” (ps also mbs) and save up for new stuff. The chances are you will / could loose everything to work with if you combine the “dodgy” parts. Pcpartpicker site can help with that. There are tons of help online for budget gaming pcs. As for your working pc, depends on what you are wanting to play…???

im talking strictly if the 250w psu is enough to power the dell optiplex with a 1050ti

My opinion, nope sorry, you will need to upgrade your psu to handle it.

Ok thanks. It seems that the pc will draw 250w max I think according to a psu calculator. But the psu is only a 250w. I guess I’ll buy a 400w psu

Psu prices aren’t that expensive these days. You can get them on most websites. Most of the time it depends on what you really want to do with your rig. Start small and upgrade as you go.

Ya I ended up buying a 400w psu because I want to make sure it doesnt shut off on me when I am doing something very demanding and it gives me at least 100w overhead

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Well done. That should give it some juice. One small step… Lol

Ya I was hoping I wouldnt need it but the GPU requires 300w minimum. I was hoping I only needed to buy ram because it only came with 4gb.

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