Progect Zen

Some progress, i think im only going to through 1 1080ti in. Ill use the other waterblock in my gf’s upcoming build,

I also got another waterblock coming lol,

I really wish i could get inwins Aurora fans for this build :sob:

Anyways then plan is to install the mono block and finish the 2 loops next weekend. Then messure out for custom cables to be made. :slight_smile: getting close to being done


weekend update!


finally making some progress :slight_smile:

ill wait and see if the pastel gets darker, i added dark red die. if not ill replace with the x1 clear blood red. also i got i new front panel coming without front bay. what a great day


i like this! personally dont like SG’s pricing on equipment but oh well.

what brand and model radiator is that?!

Thanks! :blush:

Aquacomputer airplex radical 4/360, copper