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Progect Zen


this is just me laying down the prep work for a rig using amd’s zen chip.

i ordered a case from moon light mods. really stoked for the build! :slight_smile:


But but…Zens not real yet. Nice case though.


Yeps, its going to take some time to get this project done, first thing will be the rads, fans, pumps, res’s, aquero and the wireing for them. Then i play the waiting game. :slight_smile:


2 rads came in from Germany and Some res mounts and reservoirs came in from Australia



Moon Light used to be DangerDen! Love their cases :smiley:


(Last biuld using danger den)

I was so stoked to find that they still made cases :slight_smile:


This is exciting.

It looks like you’ll be doing a proper build for the machine you have in mind!

Good luck with everything. :smile:


Update: pre ordered the 1800x :slight_smile:


Waterblock came in :slight_smile:


That’s a nice looking block!


That looks awesome!

How goes the build?


not much other than parts arriving. all i did this weekend is make sure the rads fans and dual reservoirs were going to fit. the plan is to work on it this weekend.

parts that came in
gskill 2666 16gb
1 tb m.2

lame progress :slight_frown:


everything came in to get started :slight_smile:






1080 ti came in and the pc posts :slight_smile:

ordered 2 1080 ti copper water blocks fro aquacomputer with back plates and bridge.


How is your project going buddy?


i took a break to move to a new apartment :slight_smile: ill be back at it this weekend or the next. also water blocks came from aqua-computer and some more fittings came.