Privacy and Encryption

Hello, I’m seeking advice on Encryption for a new pc using an NVMe - M.2 what would you recommend for software / hardware based encryption ? Will be running Windows 10. I, strongly believe in privacy so this is important to me my data is mine and should be secure. Any advice would be helpful thank you.

If you believe in privacy and ownership of your data, Windows 10 is not the OS for you. Unless you absolutely need Windows for specific programs or games, Linux will be better for your security concerns. I don’t know what type of encryption Fedora uses for its disk encryption, but during the OS install it’s as easy as selecting the ‘encrypt disk’ option and a password.

I was about to post simmular topic, but since we both are here.
Since you have (or will have) windows 10 I and posting at this time I guess it’s because of microsoft spying.
Personally I’m thinking of a hardware firewall because I wouldn’t be suprised if microsoft can figure a way around their own firewall. Maybe it will just endup being a waste of money. Idk, I am not an expert.

Also drive encryption does not secure against data being stolen vie internet. When you put your drive encryption password, it decrypts the disk. So now when you are using your computer your hard/solid drive is not encrypted. Drive encryption is more ment for theft of the drive or PC it self rather then theft of the data on the drive while its on.

Well anything is better than Windows (any version) when it comes to privacy, even MacOS. Anyways as MS states in the 1400 lines of EULA they have… That if requested by fbi etc, they will disclose what info they got on you, including your personal email and such. Apple will do all in their power not to release anything, but they can be forced, being an american company. So yeah Linux/*bsd with diskencryption would be a good idea, but thats only a little thing when it comes to privacy, you are still online. And in some countries they can always try and force your encryption key from you, with the help of court.

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Thank you good information. I’ve never tried Linux before but perhaps I’ll give it a go.